You ordered a rare steak and they brought well done? Job Interview Question and Answer!

If you were at a business lunch and you ordered a rare steak and they brought it to you well done, what would you do?

This is a common job interview question that may be asked by recruiters to assess the candidates skills, here is an example answer:

If I were at a business lunch and ordered a rare steak but it was brought to me well done, I would handle the situation professionally and respectfully. I understand that mistakes happen and it is important to maintain a positive and calm demeanor in a professional setting.

First, I would politely inform the waiter of the mistake and ask if it is possible to have the steak cooked to my preferred temperature. If the waiter cannot accommodate my request, I would consider alternative options such as switching to a different dish or asking for a new steak to be prepared.

It is important to remember that this situation may be beyond the control of the waiter and kitchen staff and I would not want to create a negative atmosphere by becoming upset or frustrated. I would handle the situation with grace and understanding, while still ensuring that I receive the proper meal that I ordered.

In a business lunch setting, it is essential to maintain a professional image and this situation is an opportunity to showcase my problem-solving skills, communication abilities, and tactfulness. By handling the situation in a calm and respectful manner, I can demonstrate my ability to handle unexpected circumstances and resolve issues efficiently.

Overall, it is crucial to remember that a well-done steak is not a reflection of my personal worth or professional abilities, but simply a mistake that can be corrected. By remaining calm and professional, I can ensure that the business lunch remains a positive and productive experience for all parties involved.

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