With your eyes closed, tell me step-by-step how to tie my shoes?

With your eyes closed, tell me step-by-step how to tie my shoes?

The question “With your eyes closed, tell me step-by-step how to tie my shoes?” is a common interview question that aims to assess your ability to communicate clearly and concisely, follow instructions, and pay attention to details. Here is a possible answer:

  • Begin by placing your feet on a flat surface and crossing one lace over the other, forming a simple knot at the center.
  • Take the lace that’s underneath and loop it over the other lace, creating a small hole or “bunny ear” on one side.
  • Pinch the bunny ear between your thumb and forefinger on that side, making sure the lace is straight and not twisted.
  • Do the same with the other lace, forming another bunny ear of the same size on the opposite side.
  • Cross the bunny ears over each other, making an X shape. The right bunny ear should be on top of the left bunny ear.
  • Tuck the top bunny ear under the X, so it appears to be going through the hole in the center.
  • Pinch the two bunny ears together and pull them outward and upward, tightening the knot until it feels snug on your foot.
  • Finally, adjust the laces to ensure that they are equally tight and the bows are symmetrical.

It’s important to emphasize the importance of practice in tying shoes, particularly when doing it with your eyes closed. Encourage the interviewer to practice the steps while paying attention to the feel and tension of the laces in their hands. By doing so, they can gain a better understanding of how to tie their shoes correctly and efficiently without relying on visual cues.

In summary, the key to answering this question is to provide clear and concise instructions, highlight the importance of practice, and encourage the interviewer to actively engage with the steps to enhance their learning.

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