What’s your salary history? Job Interview Question and Answer!

What’s your salary history?

Answering the question about salary history can be tricky, as you want to provide enough information to be transparent, but also want to protect your own interests. Here is a sample answer that balances both:

“I understand that my salary history can be an important factor in determining compensation for this position, but I would prefer to focus on my qualifications and the value I can bring to the role. If it is necessary for me to provide my salary history, I was previously earning an annual salary of [amount]. I am open to discussing compensation and what would be a fair and competitive salary for this role.”

This answer provides some basic information, but also emphasizes that you are focused on the future and what you can bring to the company, rather than just your past earnings. Additionally, it shows that you are aware of the importance of compensation in the job search process and are open to discussing it further.

It’s important to remember that providing your salary history is not always required, and some states and cities have passed laws to protect job applicants from having to disclose their salary history. Before giving out your salary information, it’s a good idea to research your rights and any relevant laws in your area and then prepare for an answer accordingly.

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