What negative thing would your last boss say about you? Job Interview Question and Answer!

What negative thing would your last boss say about you?

When asked this question, it is essential to remember that the interviewer is trying to gauge your level of self-awareness and ability to handle criticism. Therefore, it is crucial to answer this question with honesty and diplomacy, while also demonstrating your willingness to learn and grow from past experiences.

Here is a sample answer that you can customize to fit your specific situation:

“I believe that my previous boss would say that I tend to be too hard on myself at times. In my effort to ensure that everything is perfect, I have occasionally taken on more responsibilities than I could handle, which led to me being stressed out and overwhelmed.

However, I have since realized that this behavior was not sustainable and have taken steps to address it. I have learned to prioritize my tasks, delegate responsibilities when necessary, and communicate more effectively with my colleagues to avoid burnout.

Additionally, I have also sought out feedback from my current supervisor and colleagues, and I make a conscious effort to be open to constructive criticism and take it as an opportunity to improve my skills and performance.”

In this response, you acknowledge a potential weakness while also demonstrating that you are self-aware and proactive in addressing it. It shows that you are a motivated and adaptable candidate who is not afraid to learn from mistakes and strive for improvement.

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