Car Mechanic Job Role Description, Salary Range and Qualification Requirement

Car Mechanic Job Role Description, Salary Range and Qualification Requirement

Job Role: Car Mechanic

Job Description:

A car mechanic is responsible for diagnosing and repairing mechanical and electrical issues in vehicles. They work on a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses. They may also specialize in a specific area of vehicle repair, such as engines, transmissions, or brake systems.


  • Diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical and electrical issues in vehicles
  • Perform routine maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections
  • Repair or replace parts, such as engines, transmissions, and brake systems
  • Test drive vehicles to ensure proper performance
  • Communicate with customers to provide updates on repairs and provide estimates for repairs
  • Keep accurate records of all repairs and maintenance performed
Minimum Requirements:
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Basic knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems in vehicles
  • Ability to lift heavy equipment and tools
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification
  • Experience working as a car mechanic
  • Vocational or technical training in automotive repair
  • Experience with computer software and diagnostic tools
  • Familiarity with OSHA and EPA regulations
  • Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

Salary Range:

The average salary for a car mechanic in the USA is $40,000 – $60,000 per year.

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