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Jobsusa.us is a 100% free service for both the recruiters and candidates in United States(USA) and the same goes for all other users. You don’t need to pay anything for using our service and can post jobs or job wanted for free, browse or apply at unlimited jobs anytime from anywhere, it is a community that spreads positive vibes to via sharing amazing jobs, therefore to preserve the integrity of this platform we have some rules which every user must follow to help us spread the positive message.

We like to express as our disclaimer that this site is an open platform and will show job posts from different authors that have no connection or relation with this platform.

To further clarification about this site we like to add this statement that we do not guarantee the genuineness and accuracy of the content that is published on this site by all users, hence we do carefully moderate the job posts but some uncertainty and irrelevance might take place because of that we take no responsibility for any type of losses of the readers caused due to the contents and materials that are published on this site.

We strongly express that we shall not be responsible for any negative experience caused to the readers or users by this platform and often some unusual content may be found which might unpleasantly affect the readers or users.

Once again we like to express this that all readers or users must use this platform at their discretion and risk and we will not be responsible for any damages caused to the readers or users.

To further investigate and remove unwanted content we have given our contact email for corresponding with the reader’s suggestions and feedbacks.

We like to clearly state this that all the submission that will be submitted and posted will not be the responsibility of this site and its owners and all the content shall be voluntarily checked for accuracy but we take no responsibility for the correctness of the submitted job post, we shall delete the requested Job articles and submissions that seemed duplicated otherwise found not in a good state to be published.

The services provided to you does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in Jobsusa.us services or the content(s) you access.

By submitting your content you fully acknowledge that your submission and content will be viewed by anyone online or offline and you fully grant us rights and permission to share and create derivative works of the content or any part of that content for promotional purposes whether online or offline.

Please note that the Users may not be notified for their submission deletion or regarding their update statuses and can get blocked if the rejected posts are resubmitted.

Regarding our Content and Copyrights

Any user or visitor of this site is not allowed to copy and duplicate our content or reproduce it in any manner possible and creating derivative works from our website’s content and materials are not allowed. Users can share content if a content sharing option or feature is given and is accessible via features of the website. Copying, extracting or scraping content is not allowed.


You grant us as a user and for each submission and listings a worldwide, fully paid-up, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable and fully sublicensable (through multiple tiers) license, without additional consideration to you or any third party, to distribute, reproduce, edit, alter, change and perform and display publicly or otherwise, create derivative works of, adapt, modify and otherwise use, analyze and exploit such Submission, in any format or media now known or hereafter developed, and for any purpose which includes social media advertisements, Social media promotions, any media, promotional and testimonial purposes.

Your Content in our Services

The content you provide to jobsusa.us and its services will be made public, jobsusa.us does not take responsibility for any content you provide to us, as the content may be viewed by anyone on the internet or off the internet. You hereby accept these terms that by using our product or services and advertising with us, jobsusa.us and its partner site(s) will not be responsible directly or indirectly for the loss of any of your digital or tangible or intangible assets or intellectual property.

User Content Sharing, Thirdparty Contents, RSS Submissions and Publicity

Information about User posts such as but not limited to rss feeds, rss jobs feed, advertisement and any submissions will be shared on jobsusa.us’s and all partner site(s) social media accounts. Ad or post Links, title, contents, images, and excerpt associated with user submissions will be posted on social media accounts associated with jobsusa.us and their partner site(s), for example, if a user post on this platform or any of its partner sites, that posted will be shared across all partner site(s) and on jobsusa.us’s social media accounts and all user(s) posted and submissions shall be viewed by all our and partner site(s) followers, audiences and general public or whoever visits partner site(s) and jobsusa.us’s social media accounts, the decision of whether user advertisement, submissions and posted shall be shared or not will remain with jobsusa.us and partner site(s) and any user submissions shall be shared upon approval immediately if decided to be shared by us or our partner site(s).

If we decide to entertain your RSS use or import request then we shall immediately start importing full content from your feeds with or without linking back to you or without notifying, automatically on a regular basis using different rss importers at any times.

Your Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Declaration

By submitting your job articles, RSS feeds and posts, you fully acknowledge and admit and declare that your submissions are Legal, genuine and non-fraudulent and strictly complies with all international laws and you will be solely responsible for your actions taken.

Regarding our Job-Listings-Ads Moderation

We do Job-Listings-Ads moderation does not mean that the posted Ads are error-free, spam-free, or trustworthy, our Listing moderation is limited to the appropriateness of the Listings like proper Job title, description, and image only, we do not take any responsibility for the trustworthiness, accurateness, and genuineness of the Users Posts and Listings, or Jobs Ads, however, we ban and remove the Listings that seem to violate our ad policies, but we cannot ensure which Job-Listings or users are trustworthy or not, and for that reason, the user’s discretion and due diligence are required.

About Post A Job Wanted Feature and Your Declaration

Your job wanted post will be public and viewable, accessible, viewed, and downloaded offline and online with your contact information provided. Read our TOS and Privacy Policy, Guidelines, and Safety Tips. Remember to talk in a professional tone and manner, and safeguard your personal, confidential, and private information all the time. By Submitting your anykind and type of job wanted posts, you declared to have agreed with all Terms and Conditions and Policies and that you are not doing anything illegal and will be solely responsible for your actions taken and you have Posted A Job Wanted at your own risk and discretion.

Regarding Subscribed Jobs and Careers and Updates

If you ever subscibed to recieve any of our jobs and careers updates or mailing list(s), then you will be automatically subscribed, moved and added to our other updates and mailing list(s) or any active updates notification list. Your provided email will be notified for all our updates, this helps to spread awareness about new opportunities, so please do share updates with your network, its totally free update notifications for all our users and we do not charge for any update subscriptions or notifications. However users can opt-out of email updates or newsletter from the unsubscribe link in the emails received or else request a deletion of their accounts at delete.myaccount@jobsusa.us

Regarding Job Aggregation

We may aggregate and show job openings from different platforms that have no relation or connection with our platform,  those respective platforms have their own unique policies which must be abided by the users that are redirected via this site. Utilize any thirdparty links or any available link at your own risk and due diligence.

jobsusa.us Disclaimer, Moderation and Warnings,  

We do moderation does not mean that the posted job offers and contents are error-free, spam-free, or trustworthy, our moderation is limited to the appropriateness of the content like proper job title, description, and image only, we do not take any responsibility for the trustworthiness, accurateness, and genuineness of the job offers, any content that is published or advertised, however, we ban and remove the content that seems to violate our policies, but we cannot ensure which content, job offers or users are trustworthy or not, and for that reason, the user’s discretion and due diligence are required.

Note: These Terms are to protect our platform from abuse and for improving the overall quality. Many people copy-paste content from other platforms and, that is not allowed here.

Post-Publishing Guideline

All the Submitted Job Posts and Articles needs to be compliant with Terms and Conditions.
All Job posts must abide by local and international laws.
All Users must submit Job Listings only.
Users must not submit and promote illegal services and illegal businesses of any type.
Hate Speech, adult or sexual themed and Political themed posts are not allowed.
Human Cast, Race, and Gender and Religious themed content are not allowed.
Criticism of any kind whether positive or negative or suggestive is not allowed.
Posting content about other people and entities without their permission is not allowed.
Repeated and Duplicate and Spam submissions are not allowed.
Using copyrighted material without a license is not allowed.
Violation of trademarks and copyright laws is not allowed.
Content and material submitted needs to be Legal.
All the images need to be legal to use by the job poster.
Users submitting posts must have all the legal rights for the post contents.
By Submitting Your Job Post, you fully Acknowledge and admit and declare that your submissions are fully legal and non-fraudulent and you will be solely responsible for your actions taken.
By submitting Your job post and posts you declare that you have accepted All the Terms and Conditions and Guidelines.

Moderator may not approve and publish any content which they think should not be on this platform.

This site owner shall keep on updating the terms and conditions and privacy policies and the updated terms will be in effect immediately following the update.

You as a user of this platform hereby accept to follow all policies and you fully acknowledge to accept and cooperate with any additional terms and conditions that shall be in effect as the latest updated terms on this platform.

All the terms and conditions shall be changed without notifying the users and will be made available on terms and condition pages.

Privacy policy

When you will access this site then some of your information will be made public like Author name, contact information like Email Address or Phone Number if provided, Shared links and Personal Bio and content that you share and submit. Your IP Address will be recorded in our system and your current location will be made public like location, city, and address for compliance reasons.

Disclosure of Country and City Name or Orgin

The Job Poster’s Country and City Name or Origin will be made public if the job is posted from outside USA for transparency purposes. However the actual origin may differ if user has VPN service or because of unknown reasons.

We do not collect any sensitive information from the users like credit card or financial information, we therefore recommend users to safeguard their personal and sensitive information all the time. We do not sell user information to third parties.

All the site data will be shared and recorded in the server with our technology partner sites and will be accessed downloaded and maintained for up-gradation and web maintenance reasons.

We shall use external services to monitor the user aggregates and user session activity for improving this site’s experience.

We do not share your personal information with third-party but we may be enrolled with third-party services like google analytics and google Adsense.

We encourage all users to share only that data which is made for public viewing and not the one which is private or contains sensitive personal information.

About Google Analytics Use
We use google analytics technology to understand user behavior and interaction with our site, we have placed a special code on our site to monitor user aggregates.

About Adsense Use
We may have monetized this platform by using third-party advertisements like Google Adsense services, if you see google ads on this site then it could mean that we are currently monetizing this platform via Adsense.

Google services may use special web cookies to learn about user demographics and may show personalized advertisements.

Third-party Tools Use
We may also use third-party tools to monitor user activity and interaction with our site, hence we try our best to use those third-party tools which do not collect any information but we do not guarantee that.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions above then immediately stop using this site. thank you

Safety Tips

Please be aware that job platforms around the world are always abused by malicious spammers consistently, jobsusa.us advise all their users and visitors to take caution and preliminary care before applying to jobs on our platform, do not apply on jobs which seems unusual and offer extraordinary salary or compensation, please read the safety tips below and strictly abide the safety guidelines.

1. Never apply to a job that seems unusual or suspicious.

2. Before Applying to any job, please must do background research and try to find as much legit information as you can, check the company’s profile and any online job reviews, original address, and location, company’s legal status, and legal dispute history,  and read company’s Terms and Conditions and policies.

3. Check Job location, find out if the interview or work location is in a safe area or safe neighborhood, check out how far is the emergency units and local safety departments like a police station.

4. Check if the job poster’s email seems legit or not, as some malicious spammers always create fake and look-alike emails IDs that match to a reputational company, they do this to initiate fraudulent or criminal activity, so please always consider checking job posters domain, many spammers create fake and tricky email ids from fake website domain address, a good example can be, Example.com is a reputable firm and a spammer creates a domain matching the name of the company with matching website and email address like apply@ExampleApply.com or info@Example12.com. The nefarious spammers may create a very similar and tricky and very illustrating and illusional company profile to lure candidates to apply by making them believe that this is a real opportunity so that they can start victimizing candidates once they get their information.

5. Never apply to posts that ask or request to share your personal or financial information.

6. Never share your financial or sensitive information with the job poster.

7. Never share your any kind of private or personal information with the job poster.

8. Always be diligent and fully cautioned and always inform your guardians and caretakers about the job offer and when you are planning to go for an interview.

9. Always share with your guardians about where you are going for an interview and in which company.

10. Always take your mobile phone with you for emergency-related situations.

11. Do not blindly apply or reach companies, carry on preliminary research about the offer and company.

12. Do not share private, financial, or confidential information about your family and yourself in the job application.

13. Always remember that malicious spammers easily trick and manipulate candidates for nefarious means.

14. Incase of threatening or emergency-related situations, do not hesitate to reach out for professional help and local safety authorities like a local police station or ambulance.

15. Always take all the emergency-related special numbers with you when going out for an interview.

16. Always learn the local laws and international laws and the laws of the places where you are going for the interview or applying for a job.

17. Be careful always and never compromise on your safety, no matter what kind of poor situation you are facing, always seek help from trusted parties only.

18. Always consider well-trusted members of family or friends for seeking employment advice.

19. Always remember that malicious spammers are expert con artists, and playing with people’s life is their everyday job.

20.  Always remember that Your safety is your responsibility, so act with caution and act very wisely.

22. Never pay fees for any product or services that require payments for processing any kind of job application, employment or travel visa, etc. Especially be aware that it is illegal to pay for job applications and employment fees requested by the recruiters. However, in some cases, candidates may need to pay or process their work visa themself after a successful contract, and for that perform research for due diligence and refer to the state laws and policies concerning employment and labor laws, immigration, and work permit authorities.

Jobsusa.us wishes you a safe and sound career.

Please read our full terms and conditions, safety tips, and guidelines to learn the right conduct of use.