Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Please be aware that job platforms around the world are always abused by malicious spammers consistently, Jobs USA advise all their users and visitors to take caution and preliminary care before applying to jobs on our platform, do not apply on jobs which seems unusual and offer extraordinary salary or compensation, please read the safety tips below and strictly abide the safety guidelines.

1. Never apply to a job that seems unusual or suspicious.

2. Before Applying to any job, please must do background research and try to find as much legit information as you can, check the company’s profile and any online job reviews, original address, and location, company’s legal status, and legal dispute history,  and read company’s Terms and Conditions and policies.

3. Check Job location, find out if the interview or work location is in a safe area or safe neighborhood, check out how far is the emergency units and local safety departments like a police station.

4. Check if the job poster’s email seems legit or not, as some malicious spammers always create fake and look-alike emails IDs that match to a reputational company, they do this to initiate fraudulent or criminal activity, so please always consider checking job posters domain, many spammers create fake and tricky email ids from fake website domain address, a good example can be, is a reputable firm and a spammer creates a domain matching the name of the company with matching website and email address like or The nefarious spammers may create a very similar and tricky and very illustrating and illusional company profile to lure candidates to apply by making them believe that this is a real opportunity so that they can start victimizing candidates once they get their information.

5. Never apply to posts that ask or request to share your personal or financial information.

6. Never share your financial or sensitive information with the job poster.

7. Never share your any kind of private or personal information with the job poster.

8. Always be diligent and fully cautioned and always inform your guardians and caretakers about the job offer and when you are planning to go for an interview.

9. Always share with your guardians about where you are going for an interview and in which company.

10. Always take your mobile phone with you for emergency-related situations.

11. Do not blindly apply or reach companies, carry on preliminary research about the offer and company.

12. Do not share private, financial, or confidential information about your family and yourself in the job application.

13. Always remember that malicious spammers easily trick and manipulate candidates for nefarious means.

14. Incase of threatening or emergency-related situations, do not hesitate to reach out for professional help and local safety authorities like a local police station or ambulance.

15. Always take all the emergency-related special numbers with you when going out for an interview.

16. Always learn the local laws and international laws and the laws of the places where you are going for the interview or applying for a job.

17. Be careful always and never compromise on your safety, no matter what kind of poor situation you are facing, always seek help from trusted parties only.

18. Always consider well-trusted members of family or friends for seeking employment advice.

19. Always remember that malicious spammers are expert con artists, and playing with people’s life is their everyday job.

20.  Always remember that Your safety is your responsibility, so act with caution and act very wisely.

22. Never pay fees for any product or services that require payments for processing any kind of job application, employment or travel visa, etc. Especially be aware that it is illegal to pay for job applications and employment fees requested by the recruiters. However, in some cases, candidates may need to pay or process their work visa themself after a successful contract, and for that perform research for due diligence and refer to the state laws and policies concerning employment and labor laws, immigration, and work permit authorities. wishes you a safe and sound career.

Please read our full terms and conditions, safety tips, and guidelines to learn the right conduct of use.